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The Haute-Vienne department (87) is a part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine province, as are its sister departments, Creuse (23) and Corrèze (19).

Apart from its world-renowned porcelain industry, Limoges is also celebrated for its lively atmosphere and covered market.

The Centre of France and Limousin are not amongst the most-visited tourist sites, but Haute-Vienne has a multitude of things to offer visitors, apart from the red-brown cows which are typical of the region. You can see them on the wooded hills next to the green fields, eating the lush grass - a guarantee of the best meat.

This region has plenty of valleys and few people - it is the least populated area in France. But it has so much to offer you: well away from the areas of mass-tourism, it has pristine natural surroundings and a warm microclimate, inviting you to spend time out of doors in every season.

Industry has not yet taken over from farming in the region: the farmyards and old small villages are still intact, bordered by numerous clear streams, dotted with ponds and lakes. Their picturesque setting is peaceful and quiet; the tranquil country lanes and secluded paths will enchant you whether you be a walker, hiker, cyclist, fisherman or golfer.

This region is just waiting for you to discover it!

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